Your hour can chage her life.

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Provides a woman resume drafting and mock interview support to help her secure and nail that interview.
Provides access to three professional development workshops, facilitated by experts in their field.
Provides the support a woman needs to move into the workforce – professional clothing and access to digital workshops, resume and mock interview support.
Transform a woman’s future with six months of one-on-one career coaching, resume drafting support, interview preparation, access to digital career support workshops and webinars, connections to prospective employers and her new interview outfit. Plus, a full week’s wardrobe when she gets the job.

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International Women's Day is 8 March, 2023

Mark your calendar!

Empower Hour will be back for its 7th year in 2023 and we're on a mission to make it our biggest campaign yet, supporting even more women in Australia into employment.

The ask is simple, but the impact is huge – for the month of March to celebrate International Women's Day, we ask Australians to pledge one hour of pay to help a woman overcome the barrier of unemployment, supporting her journey to financial independence for herself and her family.

Get involved

Australians work an average of 2,000 hours a year – we’re asking for just one.

Donate one hour of pay to help more women overcome the barrier of unemployment.

Engage your workplace and community – anyone can set a fundraising target! Host an event or a  clothing drive, donate proceeds from sales, or take on a challenge to support women into employment.

Stand out in a crowded International Women’s Day market; increase sales, build brand loyalty, and create unique event and marketing opportunities that reach new audiences.

We need YOUR voice to amplify our message.

Align with a worldwide women’s empowerment charity to create real change for vulnerable women.