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Empower Hour

International Women's Day is coming up on 8 March, 2022

This year, North Shore Mums is choosing to support Dress for Success and Empower Hour in their mission to #BreaktheBias and transition more than 700 women from welfare to the workforce.

Join us by donating your hour and help us reach our target. Your hour is more than just a gift — it’s an investment in the future. When women work, families thrive, communities prosper, and the economy grows.

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Tuesday 8th Mar
Today is International Women's Day. And it's important. Because women still aren't always considered equal, particularly in the workforce, and today shines a light on that ongoing issue. But's it's also a day to CELEBRATE the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Put simply, women are incredible. Amidst all the other stuff going on in the world at the moment, take the time to think about some of the issues that are happening to women across Sydney. Those women who need help getting back into the workforce... Dress for Success is an incredible organisation that does just that. They provide work clothing, mentoring, job-search skills, career coaching, and networking at no cost to the women using the services. Today you can support these women, by donating just ONE HOUR of your pay to Dress for Success in Australia through Empower Hour. Support North Shore Mums mission to support these women, by donating. We'd be so delighted to see the impact that we can have on women across Sydney.

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Rachel Chappell